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Finding Unexpected Joy When You Pursue That Creative Interest

Updated: May 1, 2020

Experiencing the unexpected is part of my artist why; meaning why I choose to paint. I didn’t know that when I started. I only knew there was an interest.

You begin with a few marks on paper and then you add more. Balancing unconscious moves with some conscious decisions. There’s a connection to your source. You balance the right amount of chaos or peace in your mark making. Or maybe you don’t.

In time, it develops. It’s unique, unexpected. Harmonious in some way that cannot adequately be explained. I works.

Or maybe it doesn’t work. Not all efforts turn out. I’ve come to believe in the infiniteness and abundance of God. So, the marks keep coming.

That experience of joy or wonderment when a piece is complete is powerful, addicting.

But, this unexpected joy of pursuing a creative outlet keeps revealing itself to me. Layer after layer.

Sunday I awoke to a new artist connection on Instagram. Those connections have been a great source of unexpected joy. Artists around the world connecting, sharing and learning from each other.

This connection is a mechanical engineer and a ceramist. Sibel Hepsayar. Her work is staggeringly beautiful. Something I’ve never really been interested in and here I am enjoying it. Writing about it. Unexpectedly.

Unexpected discoveries, connections, relationships and growth. They just keep coming.

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