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How My Artist Journey Unfolded

The short story is that I entered mid-life and wanted to paint. So, I did, and it has transformed my life.


The long story is that I grew up one of seven children in a loving but single parent home in the Midwest.  We had the spectacular blessing of a large family - chaotic good times and unbreakable bonds. An added bonus is that we had access to the rugged and wooded hills of southern Indiana. That landscape is something we enjoy as a family today. 


We grew up living day-to-day, caring for each other with an eye on the future. We were resilient.

Like a lot of women, I spent years dedicated to motherhood and marriage. And like a lot of women I experienced the agony of the end of my marriage.

The daily struggle of being a single parent led to lots of contemplation. 'This struggle will not be my life,' being one of them. 

I dedicated myself to finding peace through gratitude. At that time I began praying a list of things I was thankful for, praying for others and asking for more blessings - such as color in my life and new experiences. 

The simple ask for color has manifested itself in a transformed life - a peaceful home, a new love of art, new friends and new experiences. I continue to be inspired by the infinite nature of creativity, personal growth and the mystery of beauty.

Bachelors, Ball State University

Masters, Ball State University

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