Looking beyond our daily reality.


Music and silence are two things not found hell.


This observation by C.S. Lewis is a wonderful introduction to a conversation about our shared human experience of the arts from music to poetry to paintings. 

Silence is required to hear and understand. Art directs our attention away from the here and now. It’s a reminder that our humanity transcends this physical reality. Ultimately, it can serve as a celebration of the magnificence of all creation.

I was drawn to paint. This simple interest opened that timeless conversation about the role or purpose of art. What value does decorative art or fine art bring to our lives?


My journey as a painter began with abstracts. Abstracts led to mark making and lessons on color. It also led me to consider what value do abstracts bring to our lives? I do think they bring value in that they begin that conversation about the difference between an experience of  beauty and an experience of novelty.

My pursuit of painting is now expanding to provide others that opportunity to leave the here and now, to be reminded of beautiful things and experiences around us.

I'm currently working on a collection of  florals.

Bachelors, Ball State University

Masters, Ball State University


Abstract Artist Get the Spotlight

Featured Guest -at 37:40 timestamp

Podcast on the Plaza

Couet Joins Art on Main


Selected 2022 Indiana Art Commission Cohort for Creative Entrepreneurs

Show 9-17-21 Art on Main Gallery

Featured Artist 2021 High Frequency Arts

My work is currently featured at Mindset on Maple, a showroom of Business Furniture + Choreo.  as well as Bay 7 in Franklin, Indiana

Honorable Mention Franklin Community Ethos Art Show